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Nature photography contest

Nature is anything around you. There is no fixed definition for nature with regards to the contest. Anything around you which is a subject of interest in relation to nature can be taken up as a theme.

The contestant is free to decide the theme, but the photographs submitted must be doing justice with the theme.

Make sure your pictures tell us a story. It should have core concept and ideas revolving around it. Your story can be a new perspective of common issues around us. Story could be of any ecosystems or anyone associated with it.

We would like to see the original work of your experiences, your discoveries, extraordinary moments you have come across, nature as its own, human interference into the biodiversity and so on.

Minimum of 10 and maximum of 15 pictures can be submitted.

The judgement will focus on photographic performance, overall conception, idea and creative execution.

Taking part

Send your pictures with a theme and a write up of no more than 150 words(in English) to be attached with mail as a separate pdf file.

There should not be any watermarks on the picture.

Please keep the subject of your mail as "your name_theme".
Eg. (Vivek_Light and shadow.) Name your pictures as 001, 002, 003 etc and
send them to the email id:


Important dates

Submission starts on 1st august 2019 and ends on Nov 30th 2019.
Intimation to finalists would be sent by mail by 31st December.
Declaration of results will be by 15th January 2020.

Competition rules

Participants of Indian nationality only.

Family members of Greencap team not permitted for entry to the competition.

All communication through mail only.

File requirements (.... max 1850 pixels along long side.....). 72 dpi....sRGB...


The submitted work will go through initial screening and final judgement will be by the renowned photographer Nilanjan Das

Prizes (*subject to Indian taxation rules)

First prize INR 50000

Second prize INR 25000 and

Third prize INR 10000.

Selected pictures of the winners will be displayed during the photoexhibition Wild Lyrics Edition 2.

Within the framework of digital image editing, the following is PERMITTED:

Moderate adjustments of contrast, tonal values, gradation, white balance, colour and saturation

Moderate use of the shadow / highlight tool, dodging / burning and digital graduated grey filters

Removal of sensor dust, marginal clean-up* if this does not change the statement of the image

Cropping - longest side of the image must have at least 3000 pixels (squares must have a minimum of 2500 pixels) not interpolated

Moderate (selective) sharpening and (selective) noise reduction

HDR images, stitched panoramas and images using focus stacking as well as in-camera multiple exposures (for all these techniques the requirement is that all images were taken at the same location at approximately the same time. With multiple exposures this means that the viewer should not be mislead by the combination of two or more images).

Removal of chromatic aberrations and vignetting as well as lens distortions

Black & white and infrared rendering (incl. filter and tonal adjustments)

Within the framework of digital image editing, the following is NOT PERMITTED:

Adding or removing objects (e.g animals, plants, people, items of civilisation and traces thereof)

Final Clause

Submissions that do not fulfil all or some of the competitions requirement in terms of content, technical or any other aspect cannot receive consideration and will be excluded from the competition. It is the jury’s decision to admit the images whose fulfilment of the necessary requirements may be considered ambiguous. The jury’s decision will be final. Legal proceeding are eliminated submitting images to the competition the participant consents to the above competition rules.

Copyright and right to one’s own picture

By entering the competition, the photographer confirms that the entered photograph is his/her original work and the photographer is the sole owner of the copyright and there are no third-party claims. It is the photographer’s responsibility for releases and consents in written form for publishing, exhibiting and using the awarded image if any persons appear in the photograph or if objects in the photograph are subject to the rights of third parties; it is the photographer’s responsibility to obtain permits where applicable. The photographer is held liable for all damages that the GDT or third parties, to whom the Copyright granted usage of the image, may experience due to the lack of necessary release forms or missing permits.


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