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Greencap Nature Photography Contest 2019 Results

  • Feb 02, 2020
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  • Dr. Krishnakumar Mechoor

Awards sponsored by : Greencap, Nikon, Gnome Systems

Technical support from Photomuse - The museum of photography.

Thanks to all the participants who helped us in making this contest a success.

The winning images would be displayed at Chithrasala Art Gallery, Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy, Thrissur from 29th April to May 5th, 2020 during Wild Lyrics - Edition 2.

Jury's Remarks

A body of work for any form of art is aimed at observing the contribution of the photographer and not only award a single photograph of a great moment. Not only it requires greatly planned photographic skills and techniques but actually reveals the thought process and the ability to express by linking the images most importantly in a way that transmits the emotional journey into the minds of the viewer.

In other genres of photography, this form is quite popular but green cap has done a remarkable job by bringing in this format into a nature photography contest. In this journey of expression, every artist requires a freedom and by not having any categories or limiting the participant to the usual restrictions of the existing nature photography contests, Green Cap has taken up the challenge quite well. It is quite challenging actually to create a body of work in nature.

While judging, I noticed quite a few participants put in images of a sequence of events. There were some who participated with their best singles collected over a decade but the images were completely unrelated to each other thus failing to express the mind of the photographer. Journalistic approach of humans causing destruction of nature is perhaps the most visible format when it comes to creating a body of work.

The next best possibility of course is to work with captive animals and narrate their stories, but I was looking for a body of work created with wild animals which I could not find in the works of any of the participants. However it was very interesting to see the work of one participant who depicted trees as a provider. These silent stories often get lost in the rush to discover the rare, something more adrenalin pumping.

Nature can never be expressed only through moments of exciting or rare and spectacular visuals, there’s also so much of silence in nature to be appreciated and loved and so many photographers continue to be attracted by these silent aspects of nature.

I have tried my level best to judge the contest and select the first three positions based on emotional content, expression, continuity and technical abilities.

You are invited - Wild Lyrics Season 2
Dr. Krishnakumar Mechoor
Dr. Krishnakumar Mechoor

Nature & Wildlife Photographer,
Managing Partner, Green Cap